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Poultry Farm Management Software
Supercharge your 
Poultry Farm 

PoultryPro+ is a comprehensive farm management solution that is easy to use, making it ideal for broiler and layer farmers. It simplifies the management of every aspect of your farm operations, from data entry to tracking to financial management.

Poultry Farm Management Software

How it Works

When deep data meets data analytics.

PoultryPro+ offers advanced tracking and monitoring features that allow you to stay on top of your farm operations. With continuous monitoring, you can keep an eye on the performance of your flocks, catch issues at the early stages, and prevent losses. This level of monitoring and tracking can help you make more informed decisions, identify potential issues early, and take steps to prevent them, ultimately improving the performance and profitability of your farm.

What’s New

Poultry Farm Management Software
Poultry Farm Management App
Poultry Farm Management App
Effective Accounting

PoultryPro+ is your all-in-one farm management solution, it allows you to keep track of your everyday income and expenses, generate invoices, reports for customers and vendors, export data in excel format, manage your payments and receivables, and handle bulk transactions with ease.

Inventory Management

PoultryPro+ allows you to stay on top of your inventory, with features that enable you to monitor individual stock levels, receive notifications for low stock, generate reports for specified dates, and set storage loss values to match your physical stock and avoid shortages.


PoultryPro+ helps you stay on top of your farm operations, with features that include vaccination date reminders, custom reminders for specific batches, notifications for upcoming and overdue payments, and reminders for upcoming and overdue receivables

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Smiles are true testimonials!

"I have been using PoultryPro+ for over a year now and it has completely transformed the way I manage my farm. The software is easy to use and has improved the efficiency and accuracy of my operations. I especially appreciate the inventory management and feed formulation features, which have helped me to reduce costs and improve the performance of my flocks. The customer support team is also excellent, they are always there to help when I have questions or need assistance. I highly recommend PoultryPro+ to any farmer looking for a comprehensive and affordable farm management solution." – RS Poultry Farm, Namakkal.

Poultry Farm Management Software App

A 360* platform to manage all things 

One tool for your Whole team 

Unique Solutions for Unique Problems

Farm Tracking

PoultryPro+ makes it easy to manage multiple farm locations and stay on top of your operations with its daily and weekly KPI reporting feature, enabling you to quickly identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions


Never miss a vaccination date, add your own reminders for specific batches, never miss a payment deadline with upcoming payment notifications, get reminders on upcoming or overdue receivables

Inventory management

Monitor individual stock, get low stock notifications, generate individual or all stock report for specified dates, set storage loss values to avoid shortage and to align with physical stock

Batch monitoring

Monitor individual batch KPIs on daily or weekly basis, generate total batch cost reports, know your breakeven period on individual batches, monitor doctors notes and actions for each batch, compare batch KPIs against breed standards

Our Solution

Deep Data Insights from Farm through System 

Our Solution

Deep Data Insights from Farm through System 

Farm Monitoring

Feed Mill




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